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Managed IT Services For Businesses in New Jersey

What Are IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services are the practice of proactively outsourcing IT Management procedures and functions aimed at improving efficiency and reducing expenses. It is an alternative to the outsourcing model of break / fix or on-demand where the service provider provides on-demand services and only bill the client for the work done. 


A professional MSP (Managed Services Provider) focuses in the whole infrastructure  of your business and oversees your network and resources in a structured and reliable manner.


Professional Managed IT Services




CompuExperts has the know-how to prevent issues, by implementing an emergency action to avoid a system crash. A preventive IT strategy will produce the best results to solve and reduce issues recurring from your business network. This is accomplished with professional IT Managed Services provider through:


  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM), Detecting and addressing problems before they affect the operations.

  • Scheduled maintenance to keep the systems running at optimal efficiency and maximize their life cycle. 

  • Identify workflows and processes to prevent potential risks and issues.

EASILY MONITOR AND MAINTAIN YOUR ORGANIZATION’S INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY. Your hardware and software will be maintained secured and remotely controlled.




CompuExperts has the know-how to build structured security layers to best protect your business from cybercrime and data breaches This is accomplished with professional IT Managed Services by implementing layered protection against:


  • Email and Anti-Spam Filtering

  • Anti-Virus Software

  • Perimeter Security Firewalls

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Patch Management

  • Web Filtering

  • Email & File Encryption

  • Password Policies with Two-Factor Authentication and Controlled Imaging

EASILY MONITOR AND MAINTAIN YOUR ORGANIZATION’S INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY. Your hardware and software will be maintained secured and remotely controlled. AND YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL GET TRAINED.




CompuExperts  trained technicians will use our state-of- the-art remote control and repair technology to safely access the system affected remotely. Our technicians are skilled professionals and apply the best  ITIL practices and can provide your business the support that you need to keep your core technology functioning properly.


  • 24/7/365 support from certified friendly and knowledgeable technicians

  • Fast and reliable call resolution

  • Remote access and support

  • PC issues

  • Internet connectivity

  • Software problems

  • Network connectivity

  • Lost files and documents

  • Viruses and Malware

  • Support for Microsoft, Apple, and Linux

24/7 HOURS RESPONSE, GUARANTEED RESPONSE, AND ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TO PREVENT AND FIX ANY ISSUE ON YOUR IT NETWORK. CompuExperts will provide the best solution to support your Business crucial  technology.

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  • Why Do I Need Managed Services?
    Because IT systems have reoccurring issues. As with any technology, a strong-performing IT system involves continuously changing and highly trained skills. As with any technology, a strong-performing IT system involves updating and improving techniques constantly. Downtimes and interruptions can occur, harming your productivity, time and money. A trained Managed Service Provider (MSP) will monitor your IT system remotely,And keep a step short in trouble and tech issues. IT costs fluctuate and can catch you by surprise. IT costs vary, and can suddenly increase your budget. With trained managed services, you’ll have the guarantee you’ll always pay a predictable fee every month. When you need extra service or support, your monthly bill still remains the same. This ensures you will keep on budget. Your confidential data is at risk. In today’s world of cybercrime, devastating viruses, and extreme weather events, your vital business data could be stolen or destroyed in a moment’s notice. You need the assurance that it’s housed securely offsite in a high-security data center that’s maintained and monitored 24/7, and accessible at all times. You need IT service when and where you need it. Your MSP will monitor your IT system 24/7, and if issues arise, they’ll identify and resolve them before they impact your operations. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of 24/7 Live Help Desk Support with immediate access to certified and experienced IT professionals who can help you whenever and wherever you are.
  • Will you help us develop a Strategic IT Plan?
    This ensures you minimize downtime, boost productivity, and save money. A Strategic IT Plan outlines: When maintenance is performed, How often upgrades occur, What business goals should be met, and much more.
  • Do you offer a guaranteed response time?
    A guaranteed response time is great for those who need quick and reliable support anytime an issue occurs. With it, you won’t miss valuable business opportunities and waste payroll dollars. Ask about guaranteed response times, or, at the very least, make sure your MSP provides onsite and remote support in a timely fashion.
  • What MSP should provide to implement cloud strategy?
    Your Managed Services Provider should be an expert IT advisor in: Security Compliance Strategic Planning Technology Roadmap Design Hardware and Software Strategic Selection Lifecycle Management Budgeting Communications Customer Service
  • Will you help us understand and use the cloud?
    The cloud is increasingly popular among modern businesses. However, many aren’t quite sure how the cloud works, or what benefits it brings. Make sure your MSP helps you understand the cloud, explains the benefits AND risks and helps you choose the right cloud service for your unique needs.
  • What Are Your Staff Qualifications and Certifications?
    A true MSP can provide the certifications held by their staff, and relay how these will meet your needs. Read through case studies and testimonials on the company’s website to determine if they’re qualified.
  • Have you worked with businesses in my industry before?
    Every business is unique, especially when you’re operating in an industry that’s subject to industry-specific regulations and guidelines (such as healthcare, legal, or financial services). But even if you don’t, your business needs are unique—Specific applications and technologies are required. Make sure your IT company has experience working with others in your industry.
  • Can you ensure we’ll recover from any disaster?
    Crashes are inevitable—Whether it’s a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, or from human error, such as an accidental file deletion. Business Continuity and Disaster-Recovery Services ensure you recover important files, and IT systems in the wake of a disaster, to minimize downtime. Make sure your MSP is well versed in this subject.


Impact Assessment


CompuExperts provides the scale and scope of expertise you need to leverage today's technology.


  • Protect both the server and the data stored

  • Updated Licenses

  • Build your cloud strategy: Anticipate the benefits and risks of the cloud, create a plan that fits your business needs

  1. ​Provide a thorough Needs Assessment to quantify the level and type of technology you require to achieve your goals.

  2. Develop and implement a customized plan to meet your objectives.

  3. Strategically plan for the technologies you need for today and tomorrow.

  4. Assist with procurement of hardware and software to get you the best prices and value possible.

  5. Develop IT policies and procedures to ensure the security of your IT, compliance, and business continuity & disaster preparedness.

  6. Address whatever concerns or questions you have about your technology.

  7. Manage your IT administration details so you can focus on your core business capabilities.

Industry experience has shown that when done well, cloud services can provide organisations innovative ways to deliver
existing services, whilst also providing rapid access to new capability. When adopted in a planned and well governed manner, cloud services can also help reduce ICT operational costs.

Book Professional Managed IT Services using the form or call 201.305.0760 to schedule your initial FREE consultation.

Based on years of best practices, our consultancy services help you determine if and where cloud can help you achieve your business goals. Keep your technology investments up and running with CompuExperts Managed IT Services. Keep your business risk free with CompuExperts Solutions and technical expertise in Managed IT Services.
Our solutions and technical expertise in Managed IT Services support you in minimizing risk while managing the many challenges involved in transitioning into a cloud based world.


Information Technology Strategic Partners

Our Professional Team Will Help Wayne Firms With All Their Managed IT & Computer Security Challenges.

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